Eris - Spawn City of the server

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Eris - Spawn City of the server

Post by LlmDl on Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:37 pm

Eris, spawn city of Erisia, vast and beautiful, centre of commerce, peacefullness and noobiness. Located just south of the centre of Erisia, Eris offers its bounties to newcomers and long-time players alike. Visitors and residents can enjoy shopping, leisure, knowledge and frightful monster fun. Please read on to learn about some of the locations found in Eris!

1. Shop Streets: The shops of Eris are found along three roads that all meet up at the Central Subway Station in the centre of Eris. The streets run North, West and South. The North street is for larger shops, the West street for smaller shops and the South street for smaller shops as well. Many things can be bought in these shops and some things can be sold. Along the North Shop Street is the Bank, located behind the Eris Library, where players can buy and sell certain blocks at a fixed rate. The rest of the shops are run by players entirely, where goods are priced at what a player feels they're worth. Make sure you shop around for better prices!

2. Noob Castle: The Noob Castle is found in the South Eastern corner of Eris. If you're reading this book you're likely in the Noob Castle's Tourism and Travel Info Centre right now! Included in the Noob Castle are many fine buildings and portals to other worlds. Buildings include the Spawn Tower itself, source of knowledge in the server's many commands and other tips; The Observatory, where players can enchant items; The Tool Shop, where players can get basic tools for very little money; The Mechanics Building, where players are taught how to use and create locks, lifts, bridges and gates; The Blacksmiths', who teaches about McMMO anvils; The Eris Barracks, which contains the whereabouts of the Mob Arena; and finally gateways to the streets of Eastern Eris and the subway station. Portals found in the Noob Castle include portals to the Nether; the Olde World, the server's first world; and Ternion, the server's newest world. Exploring the Noob Castle in full teaches everything a player needs to get ahead on the server.

3. Library: The Eris library is found beside the Bank and across from the Eris Bay. Inside the bookshelves contain stories and accounts of players' doings on the server. The lower floor is for regular books while the upper-most floor contains books about the towns and nations of the server. Players are welcome to submit books to LlamaDeal for submisssion to the library.

4. Mob Arena: Found in the south-central area of Eris the Mob Arena offers dangers and fortune to players who risk battling inside. Players are urged to enter with caution and only when ready to do so. Food, chests and armour are suggested along with the standard beat-down stick. The Southern Eris Subway Station is located in the near-proximity of the Mob Arena, making it easy to travel quickly to the Arena.

5. Subway: The Eris Subway spans the city, travelling under the roads and footpaths. There is one central station in the middle of Eris which spread out into 4 spokes. The first spoke rides to the East, exiting at the Noob Castle and the rail to the Eastern Eris Inter-Town Railway Station. The second rides South, to the Mob Arena and the tunnel to the Southern Eris Inter-Town Railway Station. The third rides West to the West Eris City gate and the surrounding residential properties. The fourth rides North to the Northern Eris Inter-Town Railway Station and the wilderness. Using the subway stations can be to your advantage. Travel is faster than on foot and there are minecarts bought and sold inside the stations.

6. Railway Stations: The 3 Railway Stations found to the North, East and South of Eris send players to all of the major towns in Erisia. Exploring Erisia has never been easier! Players can travel in semi-secure luxury totally free from monster-harrassment. Just beware of your fellow riders, the Erisia Railway is not responsible for situations including but not limited to burning, maiming, bodily harm, death, dismemberment and theft.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide! We hope you enjoy your stay in Eris, the peaceful centre of the over-all violent world of Erisia.

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