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You enter New Tara, capitol of Hempshire - the beautiful obsidian fortress-gardens. The first right at the crossroads leads to the old throne room sitting under my Keep, now a trophy room of the nations great battles. The heads have been temporarily removed for sorting and counting, however the moderately large room is still very impressive, boasting an intricate floor of precious metals which spans a large open pit the size of the room, the bottom of which cannot be seen but you can see the light of lava creeping up the walls. The chandeliers hang low from the high ceiling, also jewel laden and compositionaly well balanced.

A bookshelf sits flush with the wall near you advertising the following welcome note;

"Thou art a welcome traveler to this lonely hall.
To admire or scoff the luxury here expressed it is a welcome expression.

The wealth of a nation now surrounds you but know in contrast that what you think you could achieve or take from it, it will only take from you.

It is not to live in peace and comfort but turmoil that drives the human spirit.

Go now back where ye came and make for yourself a vast empty space wherein you can forget the truest and most painful journey of life."

Go have a look. There are treasures hidden in New Tara.


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