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Capture The Flag

Post by Zakerius on Thu May 22, 2014 12:03 pm

I think everyone should be familiar with this format, krof brought this up recently and I've thought alot about it since.

If each town formed had to have an identical set of blocks positioned, in an accessible location, somewhere on town soil.
Within this set of blocks would be a dispenser, or replenishable breakable block which would, upon returning it to a set location, Eris, Ternion spawn island, your own town, your town would be rewarded with a token money reward along with 1 war point.
Each month the war counter scoreboard is reset, the plots are given as a bonus plot to towns and have special permissions (CTF plot or something).

Perhaps a novel mob with a specific, unique drop, in a protected, but accessible plot within a town.

Of course this would require the war setting of no-town-spawn for every town not allied, but maybe this is a good idea.

(This is not the only addition for more PVP, it could easily be an additional feature to warring here)

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