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Join Diamond Land!

Post by darlenedarling on Sat May 24, 2014 9:16 pm

Forget the rest and join the best! Wink
Diamond land is a large town in Eris. Currently at 50+ plots, and growing. We are looking for more active members!
Upon joining you get a starters kit, your first plot, and access to all types of livestock. The town is right next to the water and has a dock for fishing, as well as walls all around the town to protect from bounty hunters. The town is close to portals to get to the other worlds in the game.

Diamond land offers ways to make money such as building and demo. You can be paid in diamonds or cash, your choice!
Sassy players welcome! Laughing
Contact darlenedarling to join!

May the wealth flow!  What a Face 


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