MCMMO 'adjustment'

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MCMMO 'adjustment'

Post by ryaner86 on Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:15 am

Just a suggestion.

There is an influx of new players, and us established players really overwhelm even ' mildly seasoned' players in the pvp aspect.

I would propose for consideration, alteration or rejection (meaning even I havn't decided yet), the loose idea that MCMMO be reduced among players in a varying manner, that will on equal mathematical terms, affect the highest players the most and new players hardly in the slightest. I have tried to imagine such a formula but alas, it comes not.

All I can think of is an incremental percentile based on current stats... or something. confused  Oh also, I would only recommend this 'adjustment' be made to skills that affect the pvp aspect.

Thank you all for reading and what the fuck are these all about over here  afro flower queen sunny rendeer farao king cherry bom pig alien monkey 


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Re: MCMMO 'adjustment'

Post by Zakerius on Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:35 am

So you want a reduction in the MCmmo levels?

There was discussion several times about this, LlmDl has it in his mind better than I know, but as far as I can see it, any reduction isn't very lasting, and a hard cap results in a less rewarding experience.

If we were to reduce the PVP skills specifically (I would be harshly opposed to any reduction in non-PVP related MCmmo skills) do we then do this once every X months?

Perhaps a more active community of enchant sales could help level the playing field? Or towns working together?

I am by no means the highest ranked PVPer but any advantage I have really comes from my enchanted bows, armour and potions. That and the fact that I have these three in very plentiful supply.

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Re: MCMMO 'adjustment'

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