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Post by Zakerius on Sat Oct 04, 2014 9:23 am

14:06 BFT Oh, the boredom.
14:06 LlmDl^ whatever shall you do
14:07 Zak|Werk oh oh oh
14:07 Zak|Werk Merry christmas
14:07 Zak|Werk How is everyone?
14:08 LlmDl^ oh right, Irish Christmas
14:08 LlmDl^ merry christmas Zak|Werk
14:08 LlmDl^ I'm good
14:13 BFT Oh, Irish Christmas eh?
14:13 LlmDl^ yeah the Irish celebrate christmas Oct 4
14:13 LlmDl^ its the day the first oak sapling supposedly landed in ireland
14:14 BFT That's interesting
14:14 LlmDl^ only years later when they made their first oak barrel with whiskey in it did they realize what had happened
14:15 BFT So is Christmas not centered around the birth of Jesus Christ?
14:15 LlmDl^ Not in Ireland
14:15 LlmDl^ at least pre catholic ireland
14:15 BFT Interesting
14:16 LlmDl^ goes off to wikipedia to edit october 4th and create a irish christmas page

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