Enchanted items: How does one decide a price?

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Enchanted items: How does one decide a price?

Post by Zakerius on Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:13 am

I would like to get a discussion going about the price of enchanted items, some sort of guide based on the labour and rarity of certain enchants.

So an example from today:
- a diamond sword = 60 coin (2 diamonds at 30 coin a piece)
- sharpness III = 30 coin (2 level II books combined?)
- knockback II = 15 coin (1 level II book?)
- labour plus lapis = 5 coin (?)
Total = 110 coin

Does this sound fair? Should a rough price guide be drawn for the various enchants based on their % chance (as taken from the various groups which have calculated these)?

Give us your 2 cents!

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